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Myoids best fake id websites 2019

Issue when looking online to buy fake id is 99.9% do not leave reviews once they get card. To fill this void are ‘fake id review sites’ which are owned by the fake id makers. The id makers post pretend good reviews for their site(s) and bad reviews of their competitors. Old trick done online for many product reviews and is why Myoids added this review section below.

Almost all fake id reviews are fake good or fake bad convincing repetitive posts posted by the  leaving you to not know what is true. I do not list fake id makers that I know make junk just to badmouth them. The fake id has to at least be good enough to pass out of state and scan for me to recommend the id maker. Contact Myoids to arrange a review, if you are a vendor.

Top fake ID maker websites below I have ordered from or been sent a free id in exchange for a review. – Uk-id makes driver licences and provisional driver licences which are the currently issued version in the UK. I contacted every fake id site I could find when making this review page and Uk-id is the only UK site that replied. They sent a free licence in return for a true Myoids review. I do not reside in the UK, so I could not test the card at pubs or clubs. I did find very detailed pages including images of a real licence for comparison. I can confirm the fake I received includes every security feature the UK Gov detailed when announcing the updated style with British flag. Printed on polycarbonate including tactile laser text /design, OV ink, and even card edge laser text. Premium quality and reliable site operating many years longer than any other UK id maker. – Many US States, AU, and Canada. IDChief has been around for some years now and proven to be of premium quality and work instate. Myoids received a California fake id and can confirm the fake works instate and out. Well trained bouncers at clubs in Las Vegas were not a problem. I watched while in line at a club the bouncer with scanner and UV blacklight take a fake id from the girl right in front of me. The same bouncer looked at my fake, did the same scrutiny, and let me in with no questions. Also, works when I go back home which is out of state to buy beer or clubs. I would give more detail about the quality, if an issue to point out the differences, but I have never found any.

Wild news story about a customer who ordered from ID-Chief, here is a link. Customer ordered from them and his name was ‘Dean’. Had the ids sent to his college and a mix up occurred where the college Dean opened and found the fake id cards. – Oldest and most trusted fake id review site for over 15 years. When you want trusted advice and not a fake id review site set up a year or two ago to promote the fake id site(s) they own there is Underground-Review. This review website has been around longer than any fake id site just compare the whois information to other review sites. – One of the oldest and updated fake id boards online. Owner made the review site after being scammed over 16 years ago. Still keeps it updated with current fake id makers as a hobby to help others.

Please check back for updates to this list. We have sent out emails to many id makers and hope to add more to the list once I can prove the quality. Many do not reply as 99% of sites are convincing scams and why I made myoids.

When you have received or got ripped from any fake id website online you can leave a review below! Please try to include a picture of your fake id, cover up your personal info, or I will for you. Know you will really be helping out those from getting scammed!