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Arizona fake id template made by MyoIDsTemplate download links below are all free. Keep in mind these templates are for online visual use or printing on paper as if it was a printed image of a real id card. The templates are designed to overlay your image with signature and type in your data information over an edited image of a real issued identification.

ID Card Templates

Please do not think the id templates below would produce a convincing fake id card even when using any type of card printer. Most have no idea the complexity involved in making fake ids of today. Printing one of the templates below onto a PVC (which in fact is not used for printing any real US identity card anymore) or teslin card would not result in a believable fake id. In short you would be printing an image onto the card stock lacking UV, microprint, raised text, perforated feature, and more depending the state.

Real Fake ID Cards

For example the current Florida driver license is printed using numerous sheets of polycarbonate punched into precise card stock size. Each sheet layer is used for a different part of the printing process. Such as backside layer with embedded magnetic stripe, layer for the front background design, layer for the ghost image window, and so forth. Once inside layers are printed the card sheets are heated to fuse together making a solid card. Next, certain parts of the data is laser printed by burning it into the card. Followed by tactile features laser heated raising the carbon out and above the polycarbonate card surface. Another layer is then applied using optical variable ink creating the holograms of today that are not like the days of old where it came in laminate rolls and heat adhered over the finished card. Not to mention the ultra violet ink design which as you might of guessed by now is yet another layer. In summery, a PSD fake id template plays only part of the role for making the new style id cards. The other part is the compatible design software for laser card printers.

Now, you have a good idea how completely different fake id card templates and templates of edited real issued card images are.

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For help editing see our Template Help Guide.

MyoIDs also has many private (all currently issued design) id card templates contact MyoIDs for more information. We are always looking for trades and collaborations on projects.

Check back often MyoIDs will be adding more ID template guides and new free fake id templates in 2020. Fell free to ask detailed help questions below and MyoIDs will reply.