Fake ID Template Guide

How to edit a fake id template guide step by step

What you will need to edit the id template

Two things, photo editor software capable of editing PSD image files and the correct font file(s).

Photo software editors like Adobe Photoshop, Corel, and some others. When unsure, if your installed imaging software will suffice, just try and open the template file with it. When you get an error the file format is not supported you can buy the software online or use a free online PSD file editor such as photopea or freephototool.

Before you unzip the id template

Prior to unzipping ensure you scan with your anti virus. Normally by right clicking the zipped template file you will see an option to scan with your AV software. Even when nothing is detected be cautious of opening any file extension that is not a PSD file or extension you do not recognize. Moreover, never click on a .exe file as they have no business being in a zipped id template.

Unzip the id template file

Ensure you unzip to where you can find it preferably to your desktop. Yes, the PSD template files can be very large and that is not abnormal. Some idiots even make the PSD file so large it can freeze up the memory on many computers making the template unable to open. By chance this happens your only option is to say goodbye and delete the file. Good template files will include the font(s) required to match the real issued id card. More than likely you will not already have the font. Many states use a font that is not common to make it just a tiny bit harder on those who want to make a fake.

Font or no font

Look for font files before you open the id template to avoid errors importing the file to your image editor. When the file contains the fonts and you are using a windows operating system do the following. Click the start button, type in “font”, click the “fonts” folder in the results. Should look like the image to the left and drop the font file(s) from the template folder into the fonts folder. Myoids has never used an online free editor, so we do not know how a free editor will handle the font issue. Assume you will be stuck using the fonts the free editor has to choose from. This is the one thing you will need to find out for yourself.

This page is being revamped for 2020 (currently Nov 12th) starting from scratch. All past comments erased – new guide in much more detail – images to be added – Working on it as often as MyoIDs can.